Macrobiotic and Vegan Recipes

The recipes you'll find here are 100% vegan and macrobiotic.

I use only natural unrefined sweeteners like maple syrup, brown rice syrup, agave nectar, and organic fruit juices. You'll also find that I am using whole grains other than wheat. Spelt flour, quinoa, amaranth are all delicious and add exciting variety to your pantries.  

Since vegan cooking and baking does not use any dairy you'll probably find some ingredients listed that you are not familiar with. Don't  worry! Have fun and explore using these vegan ingredients that are easier on your body and on the planet. 

Black mission fig pudding

This is a vegan pudding made with black figs, soy milk, and agar. Agar is a sea vegetable that is high in fiber and works as an excellent healthy substitute for gelatin. This recipe uses no refined sugar. The pudding is sweetened with brown rice syrup. If you like figs, you love this fig pudding.

Soy milk 2c
Black mission fig (dried) 1/3c
Agar flakes 1t
Brown rice syrup 2T (Kudzu) 1T
Vanilla Sea salt 1/8t

1. In a pot, put black figs and then pour water over them until it just covers them. Bring the water to the boil, cook until the black figs soften.
2. Cut the stems of black fig, and set aside.
3. Pour the soymilk in a pot with agar. Set a side for more than 10 minutes.
4. In the pot, add brown rice syrup, black fig, vanilla, sea salt and bring to a boil.
5. Reduce the heat to low, and stir to release any bits of agar. Simmer until the agar has completely dissolved
6. In a cup, combine kuzu and water, mix well.
7. Add kuzu mixture to the pot and blend for approximately 1 minute.
8. Remove from the heat and set aside until become room temperature.
9. Put the mixture to a blender, and blend it for 15 second or until smooth
10. Pour the mixture into pudding cups, and let cool
11. When the pudding has developed a skin on the top, pour in the left over black fig's liquid.
12. Let cool in a refrigerator for 1 hour before serving.