Vegan Cooking and Baking Classes

Eat well, open your heart, enjoy life

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Eating healthily isn't about restriction. We don't have focus on what to subtract, deny, or replace in our diets. I always aim to teach how you can add elements to the way you cook to create meals that are fun and satisfying. By making little "healthy" changes, the benefits start to resonate, and your regular diet naturally becomes more nourishing and healthful. 

I build each class I give with by starting with the intention "Fun, delicious, and accepting."  My aim is to teach, in an accepting, fun, and inclusive atmosphere, how to prepare well-balanced dishes using whole foods and vegetables at their seasonal peak.

Classes are usually limited to groups of 4 to 6 participants at a time, making the classes fun and conversational. Students will learn how to integrate seasonal ingredients into their own cooking repertoires, with a focus on discovering the positive effect they have on the individual mind and body. 

Themes generally change from month to month and I consistently focus on techniques that are accessible to cooks of all levels. No experience is necessary and beginners are always welcome.

In my classes students can let themselves go and just have fun cooking. The atmosphere is accepting, comfortable, and free of judgment. The food we prepare and enjoy creates balance in our hearts and minds.

Food prepared simply and with organic seasonal ingredients is the most delicious, most nourishing to the mind and body. Let's cook together, eat well, smile, and enjoy the balance that comes from treating your body and mind with love and respect.

I hope to see you soon.